Top Star Hi-Tech Distributor of  Fashion Accessories and Electronics items in Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan

Business Strategy
First of all, we plan to be distinct from our competitors. We plan to develop our distinction and uniqueness through our own brand names, image selling tactics, products, services, and prices.
Second of all, we plan to be active in our strategic plan. Activities include attending all the shows  around the world, setting up wide sales network systems and website advertisements.
Finally, we plan to stay focused with the latest fashions in our strategic plan. We plan to continually introduce new trends to secure our market.

We are a wholesale distributor specializing in meeting the needs of

Fashion and electronics accessories.


Top Star Hi-Tech has locations in Calgary. We offer a full range of Fashion (Unisex) accessories and Electronic item like cell phone accessories.

Our purpose of business is to lead the local fashion in accessories and make our customers satisfied with our services.

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